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My Strategies for Keeping Sanity in Hectic World


Thinking positively in life is a way of keeping sanity in this hectic world. The positive thinking should be present in your life even when there are challenging situations that could affect you. As for me, I stay away of the negative thoughts, and a thing is by all means certain – a man can achieve everything in life only through hard work. I work hard to attain my goals. More than that, we should accept the place which is offered to us by the divinity enjoying everything in life: our existence, friends, relatives and even listening to music and drinking beer.

We should also obey our own set of principles in life. This is a piece of advice to keep sanity in this crazy world. We have all principles to guide our life. This leads to the fact that life is guided by rules governing our existence. We may disobey them, but they exist making us more alive. Obedience is not a principle in my life, but this makes me different from others. However, I always concentrate on my goals, trying hard to pursue them. I am a fighter in life enjoying every moment. I am focused on the music I love and on drinking sorts of beer as well.

We should also have confidence in ourselves more than anything else. We should love ourselves more than anything else. We keep healthier and happier only if we take care of ourselves without doing things excessively. One or two bottles of beer per day should be enough. All in all, there is a set of ideas that keeps my sanity in this hectic world:

  • I can achieve everything in life only through hard work and independence from the others, thinking for myself rather than relying on the others.
  • I accept the place which is offered to me by the divinity, assuming my destiny and place in the universe.
  • I obey my own set of principles, relying on my own powers and not on the others.
  • I concentrate on my goals, trying hard to pursue them, always confiding in me and not obeying the others’ opinion.

In our contemporary society, a healthy man is characterized by a set of values contributing to his sanity such as:

  • Self-reliance – affirming the importance of thinking for oneself than conforming to other people’s opinion.
  • Free will, as man is capable of making his own decisions and being independent of the others.
  • Faith, as man has faith in God and obeys the principles and values imposed by his own religion.
  • Determination, as man should concentrate on his goals, trying hard to reach them and succeed in life.

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My Favorite Sorts of Rare Beer I Like


I am really passionate about beer. Sometimes, I travel throughout US to have a taste of the rarest and the best beverages. Here are 5 of my favorite sorts of rare beer I like.

Firestone Walker Parabola is one of my favorite beers. It is one of the most acclaimed sorts of beer, made by Southern California’s Firestone Walker Brewing, being an Imperial Stout, like many other rare beers. This beer is from California, and you can get it in March. This beer is available, in a limited quantity, in many stores and bars that sell other Firestone Walker beers. Also, keep an eye on the stores that sell Sucaba, a limited-release Firestone Walker beer.

The Bruery Weekday Stouts is a series of Imperial Stouts which is named after the seven days of the week. This beer has various flavorings as well.  The first one was Black Tuesday while the others are named Mocha Wednesday or Grey Monday. It is also from California, and you can get it mostly in October, but at some other times of the year as well. In order to get it, you have two options. First, you must have one of the limited memberships which guarantee annual allocations of Weekday beers. You can also be given a chance to buy one when it is released in October.

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Music Genres I like Most


I have several favorite music genres. Epic music is one of them. Listening to epic music makes me sad and melancholic. It provides consolation sometimes as well as a negative mood. I experience emotions such as nostalgia, tenderness, and wonder as well. There is a multifaceted emotional experience elicited by epic music. I feel lonely and sometimes sad each time I listen to this music genre, but a feeling of consolation comes afterwards. Epic music evokes both sadness and pleasurable effects. Thus, unhappiness can be expressed whereas creativity is enhanced leading to a pathway out of the pain.

I feel relaxed when listening to lounge music. I experience a feeling of euphoria and comfort. There is a deep sense of relaxation that makes me feel good. There are harmonic intervals and gaps between notes. I feel great. Thus, I feel relaxed before going to bed without taking a pill. That very moment, I want to load up my IPod again with a lounge song. This is an ideal audio accompaniment for my good night’s sleep.

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Getting Rid of Myths, Prejudice and Other Things

cowboy-988470_960_720In order to create a better, safer and saner neighborhood, some of us still need to learn to just get along. If I can do it, then so can you. There is not a night that goes by whenever I leave one of my favorite watering holes peacefully, slightly inebriated, yes, but ultimately in a good frame of mind which will see to it that I get home safely, warm up my favorite TV dinner (with just one more cold one to go with it) and hit the sack. A good night’s sleep gets me up before the cock crows and raring to take on the world, well, Austin, Texas anyhow.

We get along just fine

We Texans have been called many nasty things in the past for all the wrong reasons. Yes, I’ve been called a drunk quite a few times, but, apart from the fact that I’m rarely so, if ever, this derogatory characterization has nothing to do with being Texan. Closer to home, in that sense, Texans have been accused of being murderous, gun-toting, trigger happy maniacs, womanizers and out and back racists. All bunk, of course. Take a closer look at our recent history and you will see that most of us get along with our neighbors just fine. In fact, proud of our heritage, that much I can say, we welcome our Mexican friends who choose to make Texas their permanent home.

Granted, it may have a lot to do with logistics and economics, but, thanks to our heritage, we have a lot in common with our national neighbors. We have similar traditional interests such as ranching and barbecues. Rawhide square dancing is something else too. And let’s be honest; who doesn’t like Mexican food (along with that ice cold beer, of course).

Love your neighbors

We most certainly do like our weapons, but more importantly, we pride ourselves on our ability to use them correctly and our above-average stance on maintaining law and order and seeing to it that justice is served. The lone sheriff is no myth. He is for real. We do our best to educate kids on responsible use of weapons. In fact, many folks, not just Texans, are exploring better alternatives such as the use of small, lightweight crossbows (with arrows) and the use of only their fists through martial arts disciplines, mostly for recreational purposes, but, more importantly, I guess, for our own legal protection.

Yes, it is quite true that once upon a time our state was renowned for being the wild, Wild West, but then again, so were most parts of Middle America. And that was more than one hundred and fifty years ago when our pioneering forefathers were still seeking out good grazing land for their cattle and the perfect place to settle down and start a family.


Perhaps a great way to round off this post would be to ask you all to always respect and love your neighbors, just like the good Lord’s Bible says, no matter who they are and how different they are from you.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

mountain-958450_960_720When we were kids, just about every story, fairy tale, folk, adventure, heck, even country and western began with; once upon a time. So, I thought, why not begin today’s story in similar vein. Because, truth be told, many modern stories don’t begin this way anymore, nor do they end well either. Folks these days, writers in particular, seem to have a dark veil of gloom cast over their eyes, sometimes causing them to either bury their heads in the sand or deliberately blind themselves from the positive things in life. They now have a morbid fascination with tragedy and terror.


We take crime very seriously


Just the other day, something terrible happened. The whole world rallied from one end of the earth to the other, expressing solidarity with those who had lost loved ones. But when something happens in their backyard, sometimes going unreported, not many people blink. One or two lives may have been lost in the process, but the news is hardly spectacular. Made up stories on their favorite network channels is more fascinating. They may even hear loud banging down the ways, but never need to venture out onto the sidewalk in fear of their lives. After all, their trustworthy sheriff is just a nine, one, one, call away.


One of the most grisly affairs of American life these days, never mind Texas, is the ongoing spate of high school shootings. Now, that makes the evening news. But nothing much else gets done about it. People in Texas, on the other hand, take crime very seriously, so if you are in our neck of the woods and just happen to be entertaining devious thoughts, don’t be surprised if you are caught within minutes of committing the deed.


Hunting is part of our heritage


I was told recently that weapons such as the sophisticated Hoyt Buffalo re-curve might just be the right distraction for suspicious and depressed minds who find it far too easy to lay their hands on dangerous weapons designed specifically to kill good people. Instead of wondering about with a double-barreled shotgun with the blood thirsty mind of a zombie, would it not be better for angry young men to put their frustrations into noble crafts such as wild game hunting which in any case is an important part of our cultural heritage.


In seeking out great alternatives to using dangerous weapons which may kill on impact in the event of an all too common accident, guys like you and me don’t need to look very far to find authentic recreational antidotes. But, then again, let’s be honest, those disturbed young men that we see on the evening news every other week won’t have much use for websites like these. If they’re still alive, they need a secure holding cell in one of our many fine correctional facilities, or isolated in an institution where they may just be able to be healed of their insanity.



Finally, let’s be clear about one thing; whether they are rifles, pistols, re-curve bows or even state of the art crossbows, weapons of choice need to be carefully chosen. And users should be legally privileged to make a responsible choice.

Bad Sales Calls

Bad Sales Calls

I have something to rant about, but before I get started with it, I have to wonder: is there such a thing as a good sales call? These people never call at convenient times; it’s like they literally try to get you when you’re in the middle of a meal or doing something important for work or getting dressed up for a nice night out. At least that’s how my experiences have been. But in the end, those are just annoyances really, nothing that can’t just be forgotten a few minutes after the call ends. They aren’t really bad sales calls. The one I have in mind, on the other hand…

Well, it wasn’t especially unpleasant. It’s not as if the person trying to sell me was bad at talking on the phone, and it’s not like I got bent out of shape and screamed at them or anything. It was actually kind of comical now that I’m really thinking about it. You see, what made this call particularly bad in my mind was the fact I would not, did not, and could not possibly want to buy what the man on other end of the line wanted to sell. How could I be so sure of this? Don’t worry, I’ll tell you.

I happen to love hot weather. Some people really hate it, preferring the cold and heavy coats, but I love it; the way the sun feels on my skin, there’s not much else like that in the world. That’s just one of the reasons I live in Texas. Being one of the hottest states in the Union regularly, I felt I would be right at home here, and I’ve been right so far. Well could you imagine anything less useful in such an environment, anything that could possibly be more gratuitous than a solar pool heater?

Neither can I, which is why this might have been the worst sales call I’ve ever had the misfortune to receive in my life. I mean it too – it might sound like I’m making a big deal out of nothing here, but this call just about kill me to deal with. This guy was so off the mark that I actually let him read out his spiel, go through his whole script and everything. I was ready. I was waiting to drop the bomb on him, to make him feel like a fool and get my little bit of justice from telemarketers everywhere.

I got it too. Once he finally let up long enough for me to talk, the first thing I asked him is if he knew where he was calling. He didn’t. So I was happy to explain to the guy that people in Texas need pool heaters like people in Alaska need ice. That is, they don’t. It’s not like I have anything against the products; you can click here for more information on them if you came to read about heaters. But hopefully you got a little laugh out of reading this, since that’s what I was really after.

My elk-hunting trip

My elk-hunting trip

When your work takes up much of your time, having a few days’ vacation will be like manna from heaven. That is how I felt, when I got a weeklong vacation. And  I was looking forward to the vacation not just because of being free from my usual work tensions, but because I had planned on an elk hunting trip with my friends. While snagging a game is touted to be pure luck as far as hunting is concerned, it is not so, (well… not entirely), as some knowledge about the sport tips the scales in your favor.

From my earlier few trips, I have found that knowing a bit about the animal you are hunting and its particular habits at any given hunting season gives you an edge in the hunting.  This will help you know where to hunt for them though they need not be necessarily in a particular place.

However, it will give you a place to start your hunt. And hunting is slow and steady process with most of the time taken to lying in wait patiently for the game to appear. Of course, you need to be prepared with the right gear such as hunting rifle or bow and other essentials. A sturdy tactical knife is an absolute necessity, when you are on a hunting trip or even on a simple hiking trip. I have found it come in handy in many a tight situation.

Hunting elk should be done where the food supply is in plenty for the elk and in case, it is early season, when you have hot weather, you can very well look for them in cool and shady places.  If it is rutting season, you can spot a bull, if you look for where the cows are. Pre-scouting the hunting spot, helps you know about the food supply, bedding spots and other related things, so you can easily spot the Elk.

But if you don’t have the time for pre-scouting the region due to time constraints or the location being far away, you can get help from the forest department or the game and fish department of the state. Since the food of the elk differs from region to region, it is best to get the information from the local forest department.

Another important thing in Elk hunting is they are highly sensitive creatures and can scent you from a distance easily with their ears, noses, and eyes. Therefore, to have an upper hand while hunting, you need to use your knowledge as much as you can.  Proper equipment is another significant factor. I never start on my hunting trip without my SOG Seal Pup Elite Knife as it is the most efficient survival and tactical tool to have on any trip in the wild.

Other than the knife, you will need solid hunting boots, a good backpack that can hold all your essentials with padded and comfortable shoulder straps and waist straps. If you are planning to camp out in the woods at night, a sleeping bag is necessary.

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

Preparing for a job interview requires a lot more than just being ready to answer a list of common questions. Apart from having an impressive CV and good knowledge about your target company, you also have to make a great first impression on your future employer. Here I’ve prepared a list of preparation tips, which I think could be useful for developing your interview strategy.

Tip #1: Dress Accordingly

If I was to plan my outfit, I’d drop into a coffee shop across the street and try to see what the employees of the target company wear. If you have a friend or an acquaintance working in the company, be sure to get the necessary information, including the dress code.

Your suit has to be cleaned and pressed. Don’t forget to shine your shoes. Whether the company has a casual or business casual dress code, it is recommended to look basic and conservative during your first interview. Your outfit should not be excessively appealing or attract too much attention.

Don’t forget about minor details. Do some pampering, i.e. cut your hair, razor shave, and visit a professional nail technician. BTW, chatting with my manicurist I found out that they make really good money. I was wondering if it’s true and checked this website, which actually proved the words my nail tech said.

Looking neat and clean will also add a lot to your self-confidence. If you feel comfortable about your appearance, you are sure to experience less tension during the interview.

Tip #2: Study Your Audience

Learn all you can about your company using all the information sources available, including newspaper releases, the Internet, etc. Only reading the company’s website may be insufficient. Scroll through its Facebook page or read the company’s blog to understand how the company actually looks from inside. The employees’ posts may be quite useful for finding out what the atmosphere is like in the target company as well.

It is vital to know the names and positions of people you are to meet at your interview. By knowing their background and reputation, you’ll have a chance to develop a winning strategy as well as design a behavior pattern which can get the highest evaluation. It would also be perfect if you knew the hobbies and interests of the interviewers.

Tip #3: Be Ready to Answer Questions

I cannot do magic, but it is highly likely that some of the questions you’re going to be asked can be foreseen. Interviewers are often interested in your previous experience, your biggest weaknesses, habits, etc. Be ready for a ‘tell-me-about-yourself’ question as well.

It is also common to be asked about your particular role in the company. This is a question you have to answer by all means. This shows your future manager whether you actually belong there or not. In other words, they are interested in workers who know exactly what they actually have to do.

You can easily find a list of the most common interview questions on the Internet. Be sure to read those through and think of your own answers.

you're hired

The key to life

The key to life

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while know that I can be a show-off. I can’t help myself because I am quite proud of my achievements in life. This is why I am also quick off the mark to share with you how I get to where I am in life. I like to tell others how to make their own mark in life. In short, I am inspired and grateful for my successes in life, large or small, and can’t contain my excitement, so much so that I have to boast about it.

The simplicity of life

Boasting is not a bad thing, so long as there is no vanity or conceit in your motives. Why not share your successes with others? It might inspire them to have a shot at the big time after long periods of down-heartedness and feeling useless. I’m not shy to tell you what I enjoy doing either. I have nothing to be embarrassed about. A sociable person, it is well-known that I have a peculiar taste for lusty, lively, sometimes bitter, and sometimes sweetly flavored beers, all ideally crafted. That’s just one of my simple tastes in life.

Then there is music. I am an amenable guy, so most genres appeal to me. Perhaps by now, you have come to see that I am also quite generous, opening myself up to you on a regular basis. I’m going to turn the spotlight away from me and talk about someone else for a change. His story could also be a source of inspiration for you after you learn about his own key to life.

An inspirational habit

I am happy to tell you that this old man and me have those two things in common; music and beer. The only difference being that, tragically, he drank too much of the good stuff in his younger days. But where music was concerned, he was a man apart. He could play his Steinway very well, from classical compositions to popular jazz marches from his time of life. We could also take a page out of this practical man’s notebook and check out this website to see how we can while away our time on a digital piano.

The authentic instrument would be far too expensive for us. Anyway, whenever we visited this old man, we would always notice how calm he was when he moved from tinkling his piano to pounding it with great gusto. The intense concentration on his brow and the cursory curling of his lower lip while he was playing the Scott Joplin march was awesome to watch. So much so that it has inspired me to try out the Yamaha digital piano, mainly because it is a well-known brand and my knowledge of the instruments is not yet up to scratch.

Finding our source of inspiration through music and continuously engaging with one another are just two keys to a successful and meaningful life that I can recommend to you right now.

5 Fun-filled Outdoor activities to make the calories disappear fast

5 Fun-filled Outdoor activities to make the calories disappear fast

Exercise need not be a taxing activity, which leaves you sapped and tired. You have several challenging and invigorating workouts that make you active, fit, and enjoy doing them too. While walking is the most common exercise I have found many people take up without any murmur, it does not give you a wholesome benefit, which according to me includes fitness and fun.

Outdoor activities such as inline skating, hiking, and biking give you nearly six times added fat burning and body shaping advantages, when compared to walking in the neighborhood park. And best of all you do not have to be a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast to take part in these activities. Here are five best activities that give a boost to your weekday routine and get you on the fitness path at great speed.


When you paddle in a kayak, the movement against water creates great resistance helping to exercise your biceps, triceps, shoulders, core, and back muscles. Recreational kayaking does not overwhelm you, as you can have a good deal of exercise done, as you enjoy the surrounding wildlife, sea life and have fun overall.

When you walk during weekdays and take up kayaking in the weekends, you can easily burn calories while you have some relaxing time too. Ensure you wear the right shoes, while walking. Even at work, if it involves standing all day, wearing comfortable and sturdy shoes such as those at this site helps to keep you feel less tired and cause less amount of stress on your feet.


Hiking is one of the best ways to increase your cardiovascular fitness. Hiking keeps your lungs working healthily and makes your thighs leaner and stronger. And it keeps your back muscles firm. In addition, hiking just like kayaking is a highly enjoyable activity that lets you set your own pace, as you work out your muscles, while enjoying the passing scenery.


If you haven’t heard of this game before, it’s high time you did. This is a combination of the best of badminton, racquetball, and tennis. And you do not have any walls or nets for playing.  You need to hit a speeder with racquets backwards and forwards. If you know how to use a racquet, it is easy to master this game and it is a wonderful cardio workout. You get the same benefits as playing tennis. Your legs, back and arms are well toned and your hand-eye movements are improved.


This is actually a dance form created in 1990s. This has been transformed into a fitness routine now. It is an aerobic dance style that reduces stress and helps you achieve fit muscles, and toned body. You can also make your bones stronger and keep the immune system in good health.  When you wear the right ZUMBA SHOES, the comfort level is raised and you can shed more calories with a vigorous workout.


With one hour cycling, you can burn up to 700 calories and this depends mostly on the terrain and the speed at which you cycle. The activity is energizing and empowering. Using the right gear including cycling shorts, and proper foot wear helps to enjoy the experience more.

Beginners tips to have blooming flowers all year round

Beginners tips to have blooming flowers all year round

I had recently visited my aunt’s place, while I was on a company trip nearby to her place. She has a spectacular garden. All the plants were in bloom, and since it was winter, when I am sure not many flowers bloom, I was flabbergasted as how she could manage this and asked her. She said that when you select proper plants, it is possible to have flowers blooming all year through and make everyone envy you.

Seeing her garden, I was quite taken with the idea of having a similar garden in my yard. I have plenty of space both in front and at the back, which I don’t give much attention to. But after having looked at how beautiful my aunt was maintaining hers, I decided to give it a go. Here are some tips that she had given based on the weather condition.

For spring flowers

Narcissus, which many know as daffodils, is the quintessential spring flower. You can choose different colors and have a beautiful combination of bright and lively flowers. The colors include orange, white, salmon, and yellow. The daffodils are also available in more than one color.

The bulbs should be planted in autumn and each should be in a hole that is thrice the bulb’s height. Since springtime is the best time for flowers, you do not need worry much about adequate sunlight. You need to choose a partly shaded or sunny flowerbed, planters, or pots for the flower.

To get brightly colored and beautiful flowers, liquid fertilizer should be added in summer and spring so they keep on flowering for many years. Miniature daffodils can be planted in winter bedding, plant containers, and make them bloom in winter too. Using LED GROW LIGHTS is also a good way to get the plants flower successfully.

Crocus, Polyanthus etc. are other spring flowers that bloom quite beautifully and keep your garden the cynosure of all eyes.

Summer flowers

The best flowers for the summer are asters, alliums, and gazanias. These need proper fertilizer to grow and can flower well into autumn too.

Winter flowers

Winter is the hardest time to plant. Pansies, Bellis perennis and snow drop are great for winter planting. These should be planted in late summer or early winter itself except for snowdrop, which should be planted in late winter.  These flowers are best for window boxes, patio pots, and hanging baskets. In case of insufficient sunlight, which is common during winter, use of efficient grow lights helps the plants to grow well and bloom well.

Autumn flowers

Purple streaked Crocus and mahogany/burgundy/gold colored rudbeckia are best autumn picks. Planting these flowers near the entrance of your house will brighten up the place wonderfully. These need part shade or sunny areas for good growth. Chrysanthemums are also great for autumn planting. These flowers are available in bronze, mahogany, orange, cream, white, and yellow colors. Planting them when frost has completely gone is recommended.  A sunny and shaded spot helps the plant to grow well.

Golf Tips: Using a Rangefinder

Golf Tips: Using a Rangefinder

I’m not a particularly avid golfer, but I do love to spend an occasional afternoon exploring a golf course and marveling at the lush green beauty while honing the accuracy and strength of my hits. I really love that some of the hi-tech gadgets available on the market today make this experience even more enjoyable. A rangefinder, in particular, is a must have for any golfer.

This little electronic device will be a great help to both beginners and pros. Rangefinders help you get a feel of the course, even if it’s your first time there. They also help train your awareness and judgment skills.

Despite the seeming complexity of the device, a rangefinder is easy to operate. However, you will really need to practice for a bit to get the hang of the device. When I learned how to do this, I went through tons of reading material searching for advice. Today I want to share the list of tips I compiled after my rangefinder research.

  1. Choose the right kind of rangefinder.
    There are quite a few rangefinders on the market, and they differ a great deal. You should choose one designed specifically for golf and suitable for your current skill level. I advise going to RangefinderAdvice to learn more about the types of these devices and read reviews of the best ones.
  2. Watch video tutorials.
    There are plenty of free tutorials online, so take your time to watch some. They are more helpful than written instructions because you can actually see how to use the device and understand how your location affects it. Make sure to study the videos from your rangefinder’s manufacturer.
  3. Study the manual.
    As I’ve mentioned before, every rangefinder is unique in some special way. Therefore, it’s imperative to study the manual in detail. You need to know exactly how to operate your particular device and understand how it’s different from the ones mentioned in the tutorial videos you’ve watched.
  4. Use your device to the fullest.
    The vast majority of rangefinder manufacturers add some interesting and helpful features to make their products stand out. In order to make the most use of your rangefinder, you should learn how to use all these extras in the most efficient manner. As you’ve already invested in a high-quality device, it would be a waste to use only its basic functions. Keep this in mind when shopping for a rangefinder. Perhaps you shouldn’t buy a cutting-edge device if you are bad with technology and don’t plan to use advanced features by default.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.
    Join a practice game so you can get the hang of your rangefinder without any actual stress. If you don’t have enough time to go to a golf course just for this, try practicing with your rangefinder in your own backyard. Set up some targets and learn how to use the machine by aiming at them and gauging the distance.
  6. Be patient.
    A rangefinder is a device that requires you to stand still for a few moments and exercise patience. Personally I find that it helps my concentration, thus enhancing the stress relieving power of golf. Just remember to be patient and careful when handling it. Otherwise, you will only get stressed over the botched info.

Guide to Choosing a Business Suit

Guide to Choosing a Business Suit

Relaxing listening to my favorite music with a glass of cool beer is a dream come true. However, eventually work comes calling and we have to don our armor and go out to make the money necessary to afford that quality beer. It’s the “armor” we wear to work that I’d like to talk about today. It’s great when you have a uniform of some kind. In this case, you won’t need to think what to wear to work as you already have your perfect outfit.

However, if you deal in business, your uniform is your suit, and every man who ever bought one knows how difficult it may be to shop for a perfect business suit. It took me a while to learn how to choose the best suit, and today I want to share my buying guide with you.

  1. Custom vs. off-the-rack?
    First of all, you will need to decide where to search for your perfect suit, at the tailor’s or in a store. The choice is yours to make, but personally I believe that a man needs to have at least one suit that fits perfectly. Only custom made clothes can fit like a glove, and you’ll definitely see the difference if you get yourself one of these suits. Tailors today are equipped with all kinds of advanced tools that they use in order to make not only well-fitting but durable clothes. Just check out the sergers (professional sewing machines) used today at http://sergerpro.com/. These machines can do so much that it’s really no wonder that tailored suits are made to last. Yes, they are a bit more expensive, but the difference in quality and resistance to wear-and-tear is definitely worth the extra money.
  2. Choose the right style.
    Men’s fashion may not be as elaborate as women’s, but there are plenty of suit styles for you to choose from. It’s another good reason to get a custom suit as tailors are much more experienced when it comes to these things and will help you to choose the perfect style and cut. Business suits should be conservative. Classic styles work best in this case as they always look good. However, if you want to stand out, you may look for something trendier. Just remember to moderate your taste as a business suit mustn’t be too informal. Consider every detail and stylistic element carefully. I suggest going for a single-breasted cut, notched lapels and two buttons.
  3. Choose the fabric.
    The most popular business suit fabrics are cotton, wool, and blends. Choose the material depending on the season and quality. If you are dealing with high-profile clients, you should wear either cotton or wool suits. Blends just aren’t classy enough for this.
  4. Pick the right color.
    There is a “language” to business suit colors that you need to know. Traditional colors to use are navy blue, charcoal grey, or midnight blue. A grey suit is associated with authority and reliability. A blue one is seen as a “power suit”. You should have both and wear the grey suit for everyday meetings and the blue one when you need to make an impression. If you have a dark complexion, consider a brown suit as your “power” option. Black suits are considered too formal for the office.